Wirbauen.digital expands its shareholder base with the support of the Hanebutt Group

The Rhineland-based ConTech company wirbauen.digital develops digital tools for the construction industry – from the craftsman for the craftsman. They have remained true to this adage and together with the Hanebutt Group, are expanding their circle of shareholders. After Büdenbender Dachtechnik GmbH, the Hanebutt Group is another major company from the skilled trades that is partnering with wirbauen.digital.

How Wirbauen.digital is disrupting the ConTech industry

Wirbauen.digital offers a cross-trade platform for digital construction documentation with the main focus on easy usability. The goal is to bring construction site information to where it is needed – the craftsman. Project, company and employee management is done via a browser-based web application directly in the office, without having to buy additional servers or hardware. On the construction site, the tradesman receives all the important information via the app and records all the important data directly on site. This includes work progress, working time or even legally compliant photos. Plans and bills of quantities can be called up directly from anywhere on the move. The system can also be used offline without network availability.

How will the Hanebutt Group’s partnership create an impact?

The Hanebutt Group, a roofing company with around 560 employees and sales of over 100 million Euros, is bringing new expertise to the young startup. With the additional funding, wirbauen.digital plans to deepen its software offering and offer new applications. “This participation again very clearly shows the identity of wirbauen.digital. From the craftsman for the craftsman. We don’t want to build castles in the air, but help to put one stone on top of the next in the 21st century and to bring construction projects into the digital space. Henning and Heiner Hanebutt are exactly the right partners for this, who know what it takes to successfully run a craft business,” says Daniel Grube, Managing Director of wirbauen.digital GmbH.

The Hanebutt group of companies will completely convert its construction site documentation to wirbauen.digital before the end of this fiscal year and hopes to be able to offer its customers an even more efficient and transparent trade service through this endeavor. “We started digitizing our construction sites more than 10 years ago. From today’s perspective, it has to be said that this was a major part of our foundation for growth and profitability. With the guys from wirbauen.digital, I noticed right away that the way of thinking goes in the same direction and the chemistry is right. The product is simple and yet incredibly well thought out. I firmly believe that good digitization in the skilled trades can only come from the midst of our industry and hope that we can now work together and synergize our expertise through this partnership” says Henning Hanebutt, Managing Director of the Hanebutt Group.

What does the future look like?

In the coming months, wirbauen.digital will focus on two key topics. On the one hand, the major topic of BIM will be broken down even further for the executing trade companies, while still maintaining the standards of the data formats in order to further ensure the merging of planning and execution and thus to supply real data in the digital plan models. On the other hand, wirbauen.digital is in the process of connecting the trade and supply companies of the skilled trades to its platform in order to be able to map closed value-added cycles from the manufacture of a product to its installation in a property. In this way, above all, the trades that actually carry out the work are automatically integrated into the major trend themes of circular construction and the circular economy. Like the rest of the system, wirbauen.digital will make this as simple as possible and implement it for the craftsman through the use of automation and blockchain.

“The best software for craft businesses is the one that can do a lot but doesn’t need much input from the end user – our customer, the craftsman. We know this and try to enable and automate everything so that the craftsman can pursue his profession and his passion – working with his hands!”, says Daniel Grube, Managing Director of wirbauen.digital GmbH.

About the Hanebutt Group

Hanebutt GmbH is a family-run roofing company in its fourth generation. Based near Hanover, the company is part of the Hanebutt Group and also has branches in Hamburg, Berlin, Usedom and Hambühren.

About wirbauen.digital GmbH

Wirbauen.digital is the first digital platform that links all parties involved in a construction project so that construction progress can be tracked and evaluated on a daily basis. To this end, wirbauen.digital digitally maps the construction processes and uses artificial intelligence to process recorded data into important key figures for project management and legally compliant documentation.

Contact person:

Daniel Grube

Co-Founder / Managing Director

+49 271 33886740


This article was written by Supriyo Panda from the Blue Factory team.