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Jean-Baptiste Say Institute

The Jean-Baptiste Say Institute for Entrepreneurship relies on a unique European network, which was developed in 2007 by the Entrepreneurship Chair of ESCP Business School. Today, our institute has more than 50 researchers and teachers. Our main activities are teaching, supporting start-ups with Blue Factory, a European incubator, and entrepreneurship research.

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EXIST-Potentiale at ESCP

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Proyecto INICIA

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Making Work Fulfilling – Leapsome leads by example

In a journey from India to the US and then Europe, this story revolves...

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Dragging young people to historical places – Club Silencio shows us how

Alberto Ferrari, founder of Club Silencio, is a 32-year-old successful entrepreneur. Together with his...

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Entrepreneurial places & new job conceptions

As job descriptions become more and more vague and flexible, a new need for...

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