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    Incubation at ESCP


    The Blue Factory supports startups along their journey and welcomes them to our unique European entrepreneurship community.

    Strongly connected to the Jean-Baptiste Say Institute, the Blue Factory is ESCP’s European startup incubator. In the first place, its goal is to accelerate entrepreneurship projects from ideation to international expansion. The incubator is unique because of its European architecture in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris and Turin, as well as its involvement in the ESCP campuses. It stands for its supportive and inclusive culture, connecting hundreds of mentors, coaches and experts. Blue Factory helps entrepreneurs to courageously develop projects that matter.

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    The Blue Factory in Berlin is supported by EXIST-Potentiale, a Germany-wide funding measure by the BMWK, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action and the European Social Fund for Germany.

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    Incubation programmes


    START Online

    The START Online program is dedicated to ESCP students and alumni at the ideation or prototype phase.

    It takes place online each semester and consists of 4 online workshops including masterclasses, co-development sessions, a supportive community and a shared workspace accessible in the ESCP République campus in Paris.

    The program is conducted in English and is open regardless of your campus or location.

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    Get 1 year of collective and personal support so that your venture is boosted in terms of sales and market positioning. In short, grow from a new venture to a thriving business!

    SEED Berlin

    The SEED program in Berlin is open to innovative technology based startup projects which are applicable to be launched in Germany and are not incorporated yet.

    Within the program we support entrepreneurs to apply for the EXIST Business Startup Grant which is a funding programme provided by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action.

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    SEED Paris

    The SEED Paris is open to ESCP students and alumni at the market-fit phase.

    It provides personalized and collective support for 10 companies selected, during the year of the 1 sales with: weekly workshops & custom coaching, experts office hours, entrepreneurs mentoring, perks & network and dedicated offices in ESCP République campus in Paris.

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    Join our community of more than 300 international entrepreneurs, who work together to accelerate their growth. Get access to our mutual aid community, dedicated events and moreover to unique recruiting opportunities. Additionally, you will be invited to accompany start-ups going through the START and SEED programmes.

    As part of the SCALE program in Berlin, we are offering start ups and scale ups the opportunity to partner with ESCP Business School to support their growth. The ESCP Startup Partnership Berlin enables an valuable exchange between our students and our partners. The partnership offers access to some of our most popular events as the ESCP Startup Fair (with more than 500 sign ups per year) which is taking place twice a year to connect students, graduates and alumni with entrepreneurial workplaces. Further, the regular exchange between our partners and the ESCP Entrepreneurship Community in form of company visits, guest lectures and workshops helps to build strong relationships between our partners and ESCP. In case you are interested to get to know more about the ESCP Startup Partnership Berlin, please follow the link below or reach out to us via email. 

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    With our broad SCALE Community of ESCP entrepreneurs we created a Blue Factory Directory: 300 ESCP Entrepreneurs (ed. 2019).

    Link to the directory

    EXIST Potentiale

    EXIST-Potentiale is a Germany-wide funding measure by the BMWi, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, and lastly the European Social Fund. Its aim is to implement a start-up culture in universities. Further, its goal is to create the necessary framework to support innovative and high-growth science start-ups. In the course of this project, ESCP will set up general as well as country-specific courses and workshops, international team matching events and alumni angel nights. Additionally, it supports founders directly. It provides them with coworking and office spaces, consulting and host country-specific ecosystem events. Moreover, it will create an internationalization network with other leading universities for startups. The aim is to expand the entrepreneurship potential of ESCP and also to develop incubation activities that support start-ups in their internationalization efforts.

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    Startup Internationalisation Bootcamp

    The Startup Internationalisation Bootcamp is an intense 2-day program that supports startups in their internationalisation endeavours.

    Interested startups can participate in general workshops on internationalisation within Europe (e.g. on when is my startup ready to internationalise, why should I internationalise), country-specific workshops (e.g. how to enter France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, the UK) and expert talks. The  program further encourages networking with industry professionals and other established startups. The program is conducted in English.

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    Entrepreneurship Festival

    Entrepreneurship specializations from Madrid, Paris and Berlin co create a hybrid Festival during which the teams are able to test their prototype and gather feedback from real users.

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    Pitching competitions

    Together with our startup partners/investors from our network/partner universities we are organizing pitch events to connect startups looking for funding with investors/business angels/VCs.

    Ecosystem Events

    The ESCP Ecosystem events connect our startup teams to relevant actors of the ESCP ecosystem.

    Startup teams that have successfully completed the general and country-specific workshops have the opportunity to travel to an ESCP location of their choice to establish relevant business contacts on site with the help of the ESCP network. Potential business contacts include local investors, legal support, etc.. The ESCP Ecosystem events are held in English.

    Team-matching event

    Together with our partner universities from Berlin but also other German cities we are organizing co-founder/ team matching events on a regular basis. These events support the matching of founders with potential co-founders from different fields of studies. In case you are a founder and you are looking for a co-founder or you are just interested in joining an already existing team on their journey, please reach out to us. We can give you more detailed information on the next planned events.

    Community events

    We organize regular community events for our European and local entrepreneurship community. Join us at startup pitches, fireside conversations, expert interviews or simple get-togethers with food and drinks. We look forward to seeing you there.

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    Agnieszka Wosek
    Project Manager Blue Factory


    Emily Centeno
    Campus Coordinator Blue Factory


    Natalia Andia
    Programme Manager Option-E Madrid


    Maëva Tordo
    Head of Incubation and Blue Factory


    Alisa Sydow
    Assistant Professor
    Turin Coordinator of the Say Institute & Academic Director Option-E Turin