Start-Up Incubator: Blue Factory


    What Blue Factory Does


    The Blue Factory supports startups along their journey and welcomes them to our unique European entrepreneurship community.

    Strongly connected to the Jean-Baptiste Say Institute, the Blue Factory is ESCP’s European startup incubator. In the first place, its goal is to accelerate entrepreneurship projects from ideation to international expansion. The incubator is unique because of its European architecture in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris and Turin, as well as its involvement in the ESCP campuses. It stands for its supportive and inclusive culture, connecting hundreds of mentors, coaches and experts. Blue Factory helps entrepreneurs to courageously develop projects that matter.

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    EXIST-Potentiale Fund


    Thanks to the EXIST-Potentiale Fund, the Blue Factory Berlin aims at improving the entrepreneurship potential of its community by offering the best incubation and internationalization services to its startups.

    In Berlin, the Blue Factory is supported by EXIST-Potentiale, a Germany-wide funding measure by the BMWK (German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, together with the European Social Fund for Germany). The Fund’s aim is to develop a strong support system for innovative and high-growth science start-ups connected to German universities. 

    At ESCP we do not only directly support founders in getting the EXIST start-up grant, but also provide country-specific courses, workshops and expert classes, international team matching events, community events, ecosystem events and our popular European Entrepreneurship Festival and Startup Internationalisation Bootcamp. Additionally, we also provide co-working and office spaces, consulting services, and country-specific advice.

    EXIST Success Stories

    Current EXIST projects


    Sewing is a great trend as slow and sustainable fashion is emerging. It allows people to be creative and make their own clothes but it also requires skills, which stops many from trying. Pick’n’Sew is trying to change the game.

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    HIGH FIVE is a technology education platform that helps its users to “level up their money game”. Users can pick their own financial goals and get personalised recommendations, gamified learning experiences and a community forum.

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    Alumni EXIST projects


    From selected herbs and plants, the Berlin-based beverage startup EASIP Drinks offers high-quality alcohol-free distillates as a basis for cocktails and long drinks. With attention to detail, the Berlin team develops natural alcohol-free botanical distillates without artificial flavors, sweeteners or added sugar.

    Get inspired is the provider of a platform solution for the construction industry, with which construction projects are mapped digitally and without interfaces. For this purpose, all services rendered are collected in a digital project folder and viewed or edited by builders, craftsmen and architects.

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    Incubation Programmes



    The START programme addresses ESCP students and alumni starting off their entrepreneurial journey. Offering masterclasses, co-development sessions and a supportive community online, it is available to students anywhere on the globe.

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    Ready to START? Say hi to…

    Agnieszka Wosek
    START Berlin
    Manuella Ndoung
    START Paris


    The SEED programme allows ongoing entrepreneurs to boost their venture to a thriving business. We support them in applying for the EXIST Startup Grant, a funding programme by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action.

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    Next step: SEED? Reach out to…

    Ronja Kirschning
    SEED Berlin
    Maëva Tordo
    SEED Paris


    The SCALE programme creates a community of international entrepreneurs and accelerates the growth of their business. Startups and Scaleups can become ESCP Startup Partners to access our events and recruiting opportunities.

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    SCALE and beyond? Talk to…

    Sönke Mestwerdt
    SCALE Programme

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    Blue Factory Events


    Expert Classes

    The Blue Factory offers expert classes on different topics relevant for innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders in our community. Thus we support lifelong learning and make it possible for them to always stay up to date with their skills. For example, Bjørn de Wildt hosted a public speaking workshop for selected entrepreneurs from our community.

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    European Entrepreneurship Festival

    Twice a year, the Blue Factory and the Jean-Baptiste Say Institute host the European Entrepreneurship Festival. This hybrid event brings together our entrepreneurship students and entrepreneurs from our network and beyond. Startup teams can test their prototypes, network and gather feedback from users.

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    Investor Events

    Our pitching events are organized in collaboration with our partners including investors, organizations like the Business Angel Club Berlin-Brandenburg and our partner universities. They address startups that want to connect with investors, business angels and VCs and give them a platform to pitch for feedback and potential investment.

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    Internationalisation Bootcamp

    The Startup Internationalisation Bootcamp is an intense two-day program that supports startups in their internationalisation endeavours. During the camp interested startups can participate in workshops on internationalisation questions, attend country-specific presentations and listen to expert talks.

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    Community Events

    We organize community events like startup pitches, fireside conversations, expert interviews or get-togethers. One example are the co-founder and team matching events, which we organize together with our partner universities from all over Germany. They address founders looking for co-founders and innovators interested in joining a team.

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    European Ecosystem Events

    With our Ecosystem Events we aim at connecting our startups with relevant actors from the ESCP network. Startups have the chance to travel to one of our ESCP campuses of their choice, and establish relevant business contacts. There they will get the chance to find local investors, get legal support and much more.

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    Agnieszka Wosek
    Project Manager Blue Factory


    Emily Centeno
    Campus Coordinator Blue Factory


    Natalia Andia
    Programme Manager Option-E Madrid


    Maëva Tordo
    Head of Incubation and Blue Factory


    Alisa Sydow
    Assistant Professor
    Turin Coordinator of the Say Institute & Academic Director Option-E Turin