Option-E is the specialization in Entrepreneurship of ESCP’s Master in Management and takes place for 4 months either in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris or Turin.

Entry Level: Current master-level students
Start of the Programme: January (London, Turin) & September (Berlin, Madrid, Paris)
Duration: 4 months
Language Of Instruction: English


By creating new products and services, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs create culture. Option-E prepares you to excel in creation. We want students to create rather than consume. Option-E is an experiential journey and a full-time immersion into entrepreneurship. Option-E offers a unique life experience within an international group of young entrepreneurs-to-be. It is also open to students from partner schools.

Choose your Option-E experience

Country Tracks

  • Berlin
    Semester 1
    BerlinSemester 1 Berlin's Option-E focuses on digital entrepreneurship. It fosters the emergence of start-ups that leverage technologies to resolve consumers as well as societal problems. It gives you access to a robust entrepreneurial skillset by offering methods and theories to increase the success chances of your entrepreneurial journey.

    Stage: SEED (emergence of your project)
    Head: Prof. Matthias Mrozewski
    Contact: Audren (
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  • London
    Semester 2
    LondonSemester 2 In London, Option-E students are trained in scaling up value creating and sustainable enterprises. You will learn how to "own” a theory on how to scale-up an enterprise, develop creative confidence, apply replicable processes and techniques on how to identify scale-up opportunities worth pursuing and how to “sell” to the many stakeholders an entrepreneur needs to satisfy.

    Stage: SCALE (growth of a project)
    Head: Prof. Davide Sola
    Contact: Davide ( Further information
  • Madrid
    Semester 1
    MadridSemester 1 Option-E in Madrid is oriented towards society. It teaches you to use entrepreneurial competencies to craft innovative responses for business and societal opportunities. It develops your awareness for and understanding of business and societal opportunities at stake and boosts your confidence that individual action matters. It builds your capacity to “read” the world, to detect value-creating opportunities that are both economically and socially worthy, and to seize them quickly and effectively.

    Stage: SEED (emergence of your project)
    Head: Prof. Lola Herrero
    Contact: Natalia (
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  • Paris
    Semester 1
    ParisSemester 1 ESCP students have to select one extra elective: Design-Thinking.

    Stage: SEED (emergence of your project)
    Head: Prof. Martin Kupp
    Contact: Juana (
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  • Turin
    Semester 2
    TurinSemester 2 Option-E at the Turin Campus is a co-designed course together with Cottino Social Impact Campus, the first centre in Europe dedicated to impact education. Our programme is designed to train the next generation of experts in impact entrepreneurship, who will be capable of creating long-lasting and purposeful new businesses. Therefore, students will become agents of change to build businesses that will make a sustainable impact on the world.

    Stage: SEED/SCALE (emergence/growth of your project)
    Head: Prof. Alisa Sydow
    Contact: Alisa (
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Typical semesters have two spikes, middle and end. You learn, you forget. You more or less know what you get into beforehand. It’s routine. I wanted to step out of this routine, take away more than studied facts, experience something new, challenge what I thought I was or wasn't capable of, and meet a bunch of likeminded people. I'm still quite amazed that I got this and so much more from these three months. And with the amazing people organizing and continually improving the experience, I'm sure you will, too. If you bring motivation and the willingness to step outside your comfort zone, go for it! Maximilian Traugott