Executive Master in Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership (EMDIEL)

A part-time programme with 5 modules around the globe: Berlin, Shanghai, London, and Silicon Valley

Entry Level: Bachelor's degree with 3 years professional work experience
Start of the Programme: Annually in August / September
Duration: 18 months (part-time)
Language Of Instruction: English

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With the Executive Master in Digital Transformation and Entrepreneurial Leadership (EMDIEL) you take part in an international, experiential programme.

During this immersive journey, you will: 

  • Work on cases and simulations to learn key entrepreneurial methods like design-thinking, effectuation, bricolage and bootstrapping, and put them into practice
  • Enhance your personal development and further your leadership skills by modelling, creating and pitching your own business venture
  • Become part of the powerful ESCP ecosystem with a prestigious teaching staff and access a network of alumni, digital innovators and established entrepreneurs in Europe, China and the USA


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  • Module 1: Berlin - Starting your entrepreneurial process
    August / September
    August / September Your journey starts with our entrepreneurship week in Berlin. This week is all about you, your ideas and your opportunities. You will meet your peers, dive into the Berlin startup scene, and actively work on fundamental tools and concepts that will accompany you along your journey. Going beyond theory, you will immerse yourself in creative methods, and intellectually challenging hands-on experiences, to explore your entrepreneurial self.
  • Module 2: Shanghai - Choosing your playground
    October / November
    October / November In our Shanghai module, you will dive into one of the fastest-growing, most digitised startup scenes in the world, experiencing the cultural impact on decision-making, networking, and negotiating. This experience will help you put things into perspective and choose the right playground for you and your project idea.
  • Module 3: Berlin / London - Driving your entrepreneurial process
    February The Berlin / London module is under the sign of entrepreneurial process. Starting with project management essentials, you will sharpen your entrepreneurial process, and learn how to move from idea to product, deep-diving into business modelling and prototyping using AI.
  • Module 4: San Francisco - Preparing for launch and growth
    June In June, your project is going to be ready for either launch or growth. During our San Francisco module, you will engage with founders, entrepreneurs, investors and accelerators in the Bay Area to gain insights into state-of-the art trends in digitalisation, technology, incubation and acceleration. A focus on corporate innovation and financing business ventures will lead you through sessions on growth-strategy, startup fundraising and strategies to enter incubators or accelerators, culminating in you pitching your business idea in front of investors and Silicon Valley experts.
  • Module 5: Berlin - Advancing entrepreneurial leadership
    August / September
    August / September After 12 months of international immersion, you and your peers will return to Berlin to look back on what you have experienced. Through this lens, you will examine the theory and practice of successful value propositions, exploring frameworks, strategies, funding techniques and business models to build an enduring enterprise or business unit.

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Alison Masse Manager Executive Education +49 30 32 007 173
All the points of contact and discussions with founders and investors surely have sparked something in me. In general, I love throwing myself into new challenges and trying new things! A lot of EMDIEL experiences were very inspirational and encouraged me in taking the leap from a secure job in a consultancy to an early-stage startup. Laura Weritz
Senior Manager,
After working several years internationally with large companies and start-ups, a classical MBA seemed outdated. This is an innovative,future-orientated programme where co-creation and international experiences are paramount, coupled with some of the best professors in entrepreneurship who push us to think differently and creatively to constantly produce and learn. It is the trailblazer for how Master’s programmes should be both grounded in academics and reality, customized to the participant’s interests. Hilary Klassen
Founder & CEO, Quahog

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Alison Masse Manager Executive Education +49 30 32 007 173