About Last Year – the Jean-Baptiste Say Institute Annual Report 2021

The Jean-Baptiste Say Institute for Entrepreneurship of ESCP Business School looks back on 2021 in its Annual Report. The institute shares what it has been working on in the past year.

Entrepreneurship at ESCP Business School in 2021

Our Annual Report 2021 walks you through new partners of our institute, and gives updates on teaching, incubation, and research. Additionally, it highlights successes in terms of events and visibility, such as media coverage. It also shows important team updates. The report concludes with an outlook on the year ahead.

Read the Jean-Baptiste Say Institute for Entrepreneurship Annual Report 2021 now!

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René Mauer, the European coordinator of our institute at ESCP, thanks all stakeholders for their co-creation during the Covid crisis. “We just closed 2021, another year that was dominated by the Covid pandemic. Again, it pushed us to try new approaches in collaborating within our European team, teaching, working with companies, and much more. Thank you as our community for making all this possible!”, he writes.

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