Digital Startup E-Fair: Connecting Opportunities

On February 23, ESCP Berlin’s Blue Factory hosted its first Startup E-Fair of 2022. With more than 300 students and 17 startups attending from all over Europe, it was a great success.

Online Startup Fairs

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Jean-Baptiste Say Institute started hosting Startup Fairs online. Because of their digital format, it is easy to open the event to all ESCP students and alumni worldwide. The Startup E-Fairs are one-day events happening two or three times a year. Here, startups have the chance to give pitches and interact with students, who might be interested in applying for an internship or a job.

This time, we had 17 startups divided into four categories: Software & Tech, Sustainability & Health, Fintech & Consulting, and E-Commerce & Platforms.

Software & Tech Startups

Firstly, in the Software & Tech category, Leapsome, AIsight, Neobrain, Matera and presented themselves. 

  • Leapsome provides performance management services to help companies boost employee engagement. It also offers personalised learning and contributes to enhancing business success.
  • AIsight manufactures innovative sensor nodes to monitor industrial machines 24/7. As a result, machine downtime is reduced to a minimum and maintenance operations become more efficient. 
  • Neobrain is an HR startup. It offers skill development courses, skill and resource anticipation services, internal mobility and talent retention programs. Its deepest belief? “Motivation turns skills into actions and employees into actors”.
  • Matera offers an easy way to make a building’s co-ownership efficient and transparent. It ensures constant support, local and simple management, transparency, and overall savings through its collaborative model.
  • provides invisible watermarking services for companies. This allows for documents to be tracked, sent, saved or printed. Therefore, it helps to detect potential leak sources.

Sustainability & Health Startups

Secondly, we had Sustainability & Health category presentations, offered by Lykon, Oviavo, Choco and Staiy.

  • Lykon is a health-centred startup that believes everyone deserves the right diet according to their DNA. Lykon provides detailed nutrition feedback based on blood analysis, depending on the client’s goals like digestion, weight loss or longevity.
  • Oviavo helps companies support their employees in family planning. Fertility and family-forming have become a more and more crucial discussion point. In other words, companies are now willing to offer fertility benefits to their employees: Oviavo is here to fill the gap.
  • Choco aims to reduce food waste. To do that, it makes order transmission from restaurants to suppliers seamless. This way, restaurants can not only save time and money but also reduce their impact on the environment.
  • Staiy is an e-commerce platform aiming at creating value for the planet, people and prosperity. All the pieces on their website are produced and manufactured sustainably. In addition to that, Staiy aims at going beyond simple e-commercing: the goal is to create an aspiring community.

Fintech & Consulting Startups

Thirdly, for the Fintech & Consulting category, we had the chance to hear the pitches of Asamby Consulting, Carl Finance, Ommax and Pleo.

  • Asamby Consulting provides consulting services, as its name suggests. That is to say, it takes care of the day to day management of your company. As a result, it helps you build strong operational structures for growth and great consistent performance. 
  • Carl Finance is a team of experts and advisors, supported by modern technology. It supports companies through their mergers and acquisition (M&A) processes, to make this experience as streamlined and pleasant as possible.
  • Ommax is a digital strategy consultancy specialising in sustainable digital value creation. Their clients are forward-thinking companies and leading private equity firms. In short, Ommax explores your growth opportunities through digitalization and proposes a plan for you to follow.
  • Pleo is an accounts payable software company. It helps businesses simplify their invoice paying duties. Employees are supplied with a Pleo card, and all expenses are accounted for. Meanwhile, manual work is minimised and finance teams gain time.

E-Commerce & Platforms Startups

Last but not least, for our E-Commerce & Platforms category, Ankorstore, Dropp, 2trade and Vanilla Steel presented themselves.

  • Ankorstore’s goal is to change the way independent wholesalers do business. It is an ecosystem at the service of independent shops and niche brands. Ankorstore does all it can to even out the playing field. That is to say, it allows for a fairer competition between small shops and the giants of e-commerce.
  • Dropp is a same-day delivery service for e-commerce. Their goal? Delivering orders within 3 hours. They provide fast, flexible, sustainable deliveries in major German cities. How? By sending products from hyper-localised warehouses.
  • 2trade aims at making B2B car auctioning processes streamlined and efficient. It provides digital processes that increase efficiency and cut costs, maximise the reach of your car auction, reduce auction time, and save time and money.
  • Vanilla Steel believes that prime & excess steel should be easy to source and sell online. In short, it allows steel suppliers and buyers to match their needs and trade industrial material at fair market prices.

To conclude, we would like to thank all participating startups again. We couldn’t have done this without you. If you missed the event, don’t despair! ESCP’s next Start-up E-Fair will come soon. So make sure to follow the Jean-Baptiste Say Institute’s and Blue Factory’s Linkedin profiles for all updates!