THE IMPROBABLE in Berlin – Art on data, the climate crisis and other challenges

Have you ever thought about a Ponzi scheme with data in the age of social media? Fake news as the HIV of the digital society? Agribusinesses such as Monsanto as the “visible hand” in a market playing with food? ESCP Europe’s Master in Management students have, and have translated these thoughts into art pieces that they showed to the public on October 2nd.

Vernissage guests were asked to discuss and participate in the thought-provoking pieces with the artists. One of them was “BODY SHOP”, in which women are offered “DNA-modifying pills” to close the gender pay gap. Another, the “THE BURNING FOREST FESTIVAL 2020”, in which the organizers announce burning the part of the Amazon rainforest in order to “experience the devastation of our environment”.

The Option-E students took part in a three day seminar called THE IMPROBABLE. It is based on Sylvain Bureau’s Art Thinking method, which introduces creating art and unlearning linear thought patterns to entrepreneurship education. This process is intense for both students and teachers – but their meaningful contributions to many challenges of our modern society prove that creativity, action and care are very powerful together and a great seed for our next generation of entrepreneurs.