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Welcoming Assistant Professor Rand Gerges Yammine

Rand Gerges Yammine joined ESCP Business School Paris Campus as Assistant Professor for Entrepreneurship this January. We spoke to her about her journey in research, teaching and coaching, entrepreneurial ecosystems and her most important piece of advice for entrepreneurs.


How to deal with errors at work

Messing up at work feels bad, especially when you’re in a job that requires high precision and accuracy. At the same time, making mistakes is a part of being human. In a brand new research paper that has just been published by Academy of Management Discoveries, Christoph Seckler, Sebastian Fischer and Kathrin Rosing study auditors in accounting firms and their error management orientation.

Coronavirus heatmap

Uncertain times: What we can learn from entrepreneurs

COVID-19 is massively changing our world and presents extreme challenges for our health and wellbeing, our health-care systems, public life, businesses – and thus to all of us individually, in various ways. In this article, I as an entrepreneurship researcher focus on what I know best: entrepreneurs, who have unique ways in handling times of crisis and uncertainty. For anyone who is not directly impacted by severe illness, the loss of loved ones, high financial constraints or domestic abuse or other sources of extreme despair and anxiety, their decision-making logics might provide support in navigating these stormy seas.