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“I love throwing myself into new challenges and trying new things!”

How does a brand and innovation consultant for global B2C brands end up in a startup that digitizes the air freight market? Laura Weritz studied the Executive Master in Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership (EMDIEL) at ESCP in 2016/2017 – and, in the course of it, changed from her consultancy job to an early stage startup. Today, is in business since approximately a year, until the end of December the team of 16 wants to double. Hence, they are looking for ambitious people, who want to make a difference in the logistics industry.


THE IMPROBABLE in Berlin – Art on data, the climate crisis and other challenges

Have you ever thought about a Ponzi scheme with data in the age of social media? Fake news as the HIV of the digital society? Agribusinesses such as Monsanto as the “visible hand” in a market playing with food? ESCP Europe’s Master in Management students have, and have translated these thoughts into art pieces that they showed to the public on October 2nd.


Von Tango zu Transdisziplinarität: Vierte internationale Konferenz zu New Business Models (NBM conference) fand vom Anfang Juli an der ESCP Europe in Berlin statt

Vom 1. bis 3. Juli 2019 fand an der ESCP Berlin die vierte NBM-Konferenz statt. Knapp 200 Gäste aus über 30 Ländern nahmen an der Tagung teil. Unter den Teilnehmenden befanden sich u.a. Prof. Dr. Dr. hc. Stefan Schaltegger (Leuphana Universität Lüneburg) und Prof. Nancy Bocken (Universität Lund) sowie Mitglieder des Club of Rome, The Boston Consulting Group und Interface.