Author: Supriyo Panda

News expands its shareholder base with the support of the Hanebutt Group

The Rhineland-based ConTech company develops digital tools for the construction industry – from the craftsman for the craftsman. They have remained true to this adage and together with the Hanebutt Group, are expanding their circle of shareholders. After Büdenbender Dachtechnik GmbH, the Hanebutt Group is another major company from the skilled trades that is partnering with


How to scale up businesses to transform them into unicorns?

In 2022, a group of ESCP students under the supervision of Davide Sola analyzed different unicorns from a variety of sectors including biotech, agtech, SaaS, robotics and e-commerce. The best 15 cases were selected out of a class of over 50 students by the editorial team led by Davide Sola. They identified key lessons for scaling up companies by using the fundamentals of extrapolation and collated the learnings in the first edition of the Scaling Up annual case review.


Frontline secures EXIST Scholarship by building AI tools to stop domestic abuse

Babatunde Williams’ AI-based startup Frontline creates digital tools to fight against domestic abuse. Frontline has secured the prestigious EXIST scholarship and the team is currently working from the ESCP Blue Factory premises in Berlin. Frontline aims to empower emergency service staff with the tools they need to assess the risk level of victims of domestic abuse and administer the appropriate safety measures.


How to make it in the Venture Capital industry – with Carolin Wais

In this week’s article, ESCP Business School alumna Carolin Wais talks about the venture capital industry and how she charted her own path in the VC industry. She speaks about the differences between American and European Venture Capital and takes us through her own journey in the industry. Carolin explains why the VC industry is an ever-changing and dynamic environment and how you can create a very exciting career in this industry.


Baze – Creating an online entrepreneurial network

In this week’s article, Bachelor of Management students Bosse Rüschmann and Phil Tunder talk about how they became co-founders after meeting each other at ESCP Business School. Their startup is called Baze – an online entrepreneurial network that is envisioned to become a platform that digitally connects all stakeholders interested in entrepreneurship.


ESCP’s start-up support is among the best in Germany

Stifterverband‘s Start-up Radar recognises ESCP Business School among the best universities for starting your business in Germany PRESS RELEASE 03.03.2023 In February 2023, ESCP Business School was named one of the best universities for entrepreneurs in Germany by the think tank Stifterverband, whose annual start-up radar compares start-up support at German colleges and universities. For […]


Startups and Pierogi 2023

Our Master in Management students from the Berlin Option-E cohort enjoyed a spectacular entrepreneurship ecosystem trip in Warsaw from 17th to 21st September, 2022. On this trip the Option-E students were also joined by EMDIEL (Executive Master in Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership) students who are focused on digital transformation by leveraging the fundamentals of […]